Wednesday, September 21, 2011

spinning dreams..

I walk the beach,
Weaving designs in the sand,
The sea comes riding in
And dancing, takes my footprints away…

I walk the valleys,
Soaking fragrances in my soul,
But the seasons change and
All the colours, scents fade away….

I walk the mountains,
Trap the wind close to my heart,
But with a gentle whisper,
It slowly seeps and flies away…

I fly the skies,
Gathering cotton clouds in my arms,
But the sun sends its marshals,
And my treasure is hauled away….

I walk in the rain,
Collecting pearls in my eyes,
But ruthless life sends pain,
And one by one they trickle away….

I walk in the sunshine,
Wreaths of rainbows in my hair,
But the stoic night  marches in,
And stealthily blows them all away…

So I dwell in the land of dreams
Building castles out of sand,
Etching footprints on slippery land,
The sea stands, a sentry aloof
The clouds paint pictures on my roof
Fragrance seeps in every nook & recess
Night, a soft downy curtain lace,
Raindrops, like pearls on windows
Sunlight makes lamps of rainbows
If so ethereal be the world of make believe
Then why be there a desire to leave
Let me rest in my fool’s paradise
Away from reality’s prying eyes….

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