Thursday, September 22, 2011


When the smile on my face
has lost its grace
and faded into a memory 
with a sepia tinted hue
I'll still be smiling
knowing the sun shines on you
and lights up your days
guiding you on your destined ways..

When the thoughts I share
are just yesterday's fare
and remain as mere words
once cherished and heard
I'll still be thinking
sharing your precious mind
hoping for you to find
a way to the stars, riding the wind...

When the song of my soul
seems jaded and droll
and no longer make you dance
the chords just strain and stop
I'll still be singing
hearing the music that makes you hop
wishing you a symphony
to bring blissful music and harmony...

When the love of my heart
is no longer of you, a part
and you paint new pictures
leaving behind this hazy sketch
I'll still be loving
praying for the angels to fetch
a radiant halo from their fold
to engulf you with care and there to hold...

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