Thursday, September 22, 2011

A missive..

Dear Heart,
          Let the sun shine through. It breaks me to see you so sad and blue. You need never be lonely for I'll be there, on the other side of every moment, every day.Give me your pain and I'll wish it all away. When I was sent to this world, to live in this form and frame, I'm sure HE thought I would never know, just the same, but I knew I wasn't whole. He kept back a part of my soul. I yearned to find the words to complete my thoughts, to create a rhapsody that would unravel the mysterious notes. And then you came along, with that beautiful smile and a twinkle in your eye. Since then I have felt my life fulfilled and if I had wings I would surely fly.
           My world needs no other presence because you being in it was the completing sentence. Take my faith  and erase that sorrow ; we will build ourselves a wondrous tomorrow. When the mind is in a knot and in life's maze you are lost, take a moment, step back and recognise - that is not real, only karma in disguise. You know where you want to go and who you want to be so unentangle, unchain and set yourself free. 
           Behold yourself from my eyes and all else will fade away; the bitterness, hurt and lies. Life has a myriad of designs, motifs and patterns but don't be misguided by fireflies posing as lanterns. Let faith be the beacon that guides your ways and you will reach your rightful place. 
          So dear heart, don't give up hope, don't fret, frown or mope. Bring back the smile that lights my day and night. Go slay your demons, you need no arms or weapons, for you have my love, in all its might..

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