Monday, June 30, 2008

for no reason...

Why do relationships come with a death wish. There is a purpose behind all that occurs, it is said but in case of a relationship going wrong, what can be the purpose? If one is willing to make the effort to keep it alive and good then why is it that this effort goes unrecognized. And if this be a pattern then can the effort sustain itself? The only purely joyous relationship in life I guess can be the one which one has with ones’ children, at least until they grow into adults and acquire the habit of sitting judgement like all others. Until then they are ready to accept you as the best parent or person in the world and all that you do for them or for your relationship with them is accepted, appreciated and rewarded in the form of the unbiased love that they give. This, perhaps, is the reason we strive all our lives, or at least most of us do, to keep them in that mould for a lifetime, as the little ones who accepted our love as pure and absolute, no questions asked or doubts raised. In all other cases, the extra baggage becomes burdensome and stifling. It is always about having to justify oneself and needing to prove how you have not done one or the other wrong/injustice. Whereas a child will accept even your wrongs as the right thing to have occurred and will still seek the love in your eyes, for all others the love gets filmed over by their own unfulfilled expectations. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could form just one relationship as innocent and non-judgemental in our lives as the one between a parent and child? Wishful thinking I guess….


Shardul said...

for no reason...

i happened to read it primarily because it was my friend's mother who had been writing ever on going through it the ideology happened to change, the thinking took a complete u turn. i realized the tiffs or the small little arguments i have vid my parents is totally unjustified, if at all they tell me anything it is entirely cuz they have the "non judgmental and pure" love for me.
A feeling, an emotion that drives them every day. I am on the verge of crying as i conclude.

the blog struck a chord in me, and am not posting this "for no reason".!


nupur said...

I would like to thank shardul for his touching comment, and you know kid, if i can make even one of u feel this way, then it was worth airing my thoughts. I am happy my kid has a friend like u!