Friday, June 27, 2008

About betrayal ?

There are times when you feel let down, betrayed but then the easiest thing to do under such circumstances would be to regress into playing a victim and to hold grudges and allow a freefall of negativity into your life. The more difficult option (and one which in my silly quixotic way, I choose to exercise, always) is to realize that maybe in some ways you are the originator of that. The universe is like a boomerang, it gives you nothing but what you have projected. That I guess, is the reason why some people are able to have rocking lives inspite of all odds. Maybe it was your doubts which were projected and the incident/person who appears to be the betrayer is really not responsible. It may sound foolish but take any one incident when you were really sure of yourself and you will realize that things go wrong only when you expect them to. That is the change in thinking or reorientation we all need to bring about for true happiness in our lives. Just be sure of what you want and delete negative connotations such as if or maybe from them and then throw up your wishes to the universe and I’m sure they will come back to you exactly as you envisaged.

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