Friday, July 11, 2008


I was asked by a friend who apparently read my ‘ramblings’ here, ‘why the angst’, why the ‘my life sucks’ hue of this blog. And I was zapped! Is this what this reads like? I am, I thought, one of the blessed few who are so happy being with themselves, never the need for noise or crowds, I wish I could be more with myself. And this would be possible only if there was no conflict with the self, wouldn’t it? For that one must be happy with what one has or doesn’t. So I want to lay it out loud and clear, there is no angst, agony, pain or whatever going on here or anywhere in my life. I can rewrite my story in exactly the same words. It is true that I love to think or ‘ramble’ as it may be but never to sit judgement on my life. There are bleak moments or times when nothing seems to go my way but all it requires then is for me to change course and go life’s way. Is it what they call flowing with the tide, if yes, then I love to ride the waves. I have often been asked if there is a rainy day in my life and I would like to tell you that I love the rain, so when it rains, I don’t reach for the umbrella, I soak it in…

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