Tuesday, June 24, 2008

for those who need to know

Have you ever wondered why people crib about the lack of meaningful relationships in their lives. It could be possible that they are themselves responsible bcos they did not have the vision t o see the meaningful ones or to take steps about retaining them. Its not as if some select few are chosen to be endowed while the others are discriminated against. I don’t have a single has-been kind of relation in my life. There is a special mechanism I have which I call my delete button, the moment I realize that im getting no returns in terms of investment being made by the counterparty towards sustenance of the relationship I press that button. Seems harsh and cold, doesn’t it, but I think it is the kindest act one can do, not to let any person become a wound and then a sore but to make a clean break, no questions asked and none answered.


SAM said...

it was really goooooood~!
by the way do i know u??!??

Robinder Sachdev said...

Very interesting - and well said. You have a very amazing gift of connecting the written word to thoughts...will keep checking to read your updates.