Saturday, June 21, 2008

A small step for me.....

So many clichés to confirm to, the most common being that ‘life should not be taken too seriously’. Makes me wonder, if one doesn’t take one’s life seriously then can anything have that privilege. I can be the cartoon character in everybody’s perception but there is one thing that I always take seriously and that is ‘my life’. Perhaps this is the reason why I cannot understand the carping about life’s infidelity, which goes on incessantly in the case of most people. How many of us are faithful to life, in as much as, do we ever give life a chance? At the smallest of misfortunes, poor life takes the brunt and is blamed and cursed as the perpetrator. Can we think of life as a co-traveller across time, the only one which is faithful till we pass into the beyond (another dimension of time and space, maybe). If yes, then maybe there can be a realization that life is never the perpetrator but as much the victim because it is the one thing for which the word ‘mine’ holds true more than for anything else.
This perhaps is the reason why I consider life to be my dearest friend. And it might seem quixotic but I find no reason to find faults with it ever. Not that there are no grey patches but then life is the companion who takes me past them and always will. Some might call this foolish and unrealistic but that’s the way I choose to be, to make each moment a joyous celebration of my friendship with Life! Want to join me ?

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