Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Long have I been buried under
Paying the price for wilfull surrender
No longer willing to carry the weights that drag me down
May the fury of the imbecile spew or the Gods frown
I need to fly close to the sun,
Like Icarus may my wings burn
But let the ashes of my being lie
Let no Phoenix resurrect and fly
I want my soul, from the afterlife, to craft from those ashes
A thousand serpent heads, more venomous as each lashes
Not unto others, like Hydra, but entering into my own core
Every tentacle snatching the burdens of the other souls it bore
Cast into stone, even as they were in their living selves
I want my soul to become Medusa to these pitiful shells
And then clasping these limpets in every destructive curl
My soul will dance in the timeless cosmic dervish whirl
Ever expanding, ever growing, with every step I trace
Until they are flung out into an unknown time and space
The soul upon catharsis, will return to its dream like reverie
Like a Satyr, wandering and carefree..

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