Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Everything rests in Nothing

"And what of Solitude"
asked the sad heart, festering,
"Is it manifest of a blessing
or just one of destiny's misdoing?"

"Multitudes of hearts all around
and not a single resonating sound
Every moment of everyday a yearning
to find One other of similar feeling..

The body will soon decay and wither away
Am I destined to go, unfulfilled, the same way?
Often have I in loneliness wondered,
Is there any other who has so pondered?

If only I were granted a vision
a glimpse into the seeking, the question
Maybe then I could aspire
for an answer before I retire..

Within my being this belief haunts me
And as death lures and life taunts me
I know,were I to go lonely into the night
back would I be catapulted, to set it right

Across the endless expanse of time traveled
Now I am weary, defeated and unraveled
Still the longing keeps me bound
negation of this Nothing must be found.."

The Soul then quietly flew away
knowing the heart was enslaved and affray
Nothingness is the only reality
the heart but wallowed in self-pity

It knew not the freedom of solitude
the symphony of silence, its beatitude
But the Soul could see above it all
And seek neither to rise or fall

It had the liberty of being unchained
resting in neither joy nor feeling pained
Exultation and ecstasy in the emptiness
the vast expanse of possibility, the Nothingness...

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