Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Onwards Evermore

When you entered, dear one
 this world unknown,
 did I tell you then
 that it would be fun,
 that the walk would be easy
or success breezy.
Dear child,did I hold out to you
 promises untrue
or were there dreams
 in my lullaby themes
 leading you astray, to believe
 them would you achieve.
 As a child myself, often in wonder
 I looked yonder
 undefeated warrior
 ready to plunder,
 slay dragons and blaze trails
one who never fails.
But life has been the master,
 unforgiving teacher
 me, a poor learner;
 eternal dream spinner
 watching each desire spurned
yet new ones yearned.
 To stand aside, helplessly stare
 at hopes laid bare,
 winners unfair,
 unrequited care,
 alone to inter
 aspiration and desire
 yet rekindle the fire.
 Many are the travails that lie waiting
 paths many, beguiling
 distant lights bewitching
 travellers misguiding
 and yet must you forge your destiny
a defeat to ignominy.
I seek not to preach or guide
 on this clement ride,
 to your heart do abide,
 and may luck do your tide
 and when the road ahead be hardest
know you are blest.
Remember a voice of the cradle song
 for you, still sings along,
 distinct from the throng
only to you to belong
so venture forth with courage dear one
 your battle shall be won.

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