Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On a spiritual quest..

 It is my belief that we have been granted the human form in order to, not just play out our lifetimes but to use the cognitive and perceptive powers granted to us, to transcend from the materially apparent world and discover the essence of the supreme consciousness; that is the journey we undertake and which may be called our process of discovery of the world of spiritualism.

The spiritual quotient of people can divide them into three main categories,as I see it.

- One,there are the people who go through the routine of their lives, either by choice or compulsion and in doing so they restrict their definition of spirituality to tasks well done or lives lived out as per laid down norms and within the confines of their constraints. Such people have a very simplistic view of spirituality, if at all.

- Then there are those, who have realised that spirituality is much more than going through the cycle of duties and rote but are not yet enabled to find it within themselves.Such people then turn to others, whether religious gurus, astrologers, soothsayers et al. to help understand what lies beyond the physically apparent world. Their spirituality is defined mostly by rituals in the form of prayers, ceremonies, pilgrimages and rites which purportedly help them reach closer to the ultimate being (or God as they call him). 

- There are some who are fortunate enough to have evolved ( it is my belief through a cycle of events, past or present), who are not only able to recognise the world beyond but are able, by insight or practice, to transcend from their routine lives to find deeper meanings or see the broader picture, so to say. They are in cadence with the underlying rythm that beats to the divine music around us. All it requires is a tuning in to hear it clearer and be a part of the symphony, in however minor a role. 

But here too lies a trap. Like the seeker who finds a lode mine without realising it and tends to hide it for fear of sharing the discovery, there is a risk of such persons disconnecting from their real worlds emotionally in order to expedite the process of discovery. The logic,of course, would be best defined by them but this is as I see it. However, is "unattaching" the best means to achieve the absolute? And for them whose lives are attached to such 'detachers', what does it entail - are they supposed to use the brief spells of break in reverie of such persons as the metronomes to define the lifespan of their relationships? Did any of the spiritually aware people , who are now our guiding lights, seek to renounce their attachments. They may have given up their worldly lives but they never stopped accepting or giving love. A spiritual journey which causes us to abandon love is meaningless in its very essence. We do not have the choice (or at least most of us dont) to give up on our physical world but do we need to treat the spiritual world as a refuge from emotional attachments. I cannot subscribe to this thought. For me knowing that the journey to meet the divine lies within, enables me to delve deeper into my soul but does not mean a shut down of my heart. It brings a sense of being one with the cosmic design and helps me encompass all the people I care for into that sense of being.

 If this means I am still not on the right path of realisation or actualisation, so be it but I would never seek a spiritual world where I can "detach" myself to the extent that I am unable to see the pain or hurt I cause to those whose lives are emotionally entwined with mine. I can be an observer to my life but that power to observe should rightfully enable me to lead a more meaningful life and how can there be meaning where someone who cares feels isolated or removed. Maybe in another time and place I will be able to evolve to this stage of 'excision' but for now I will simply say - "I pass"...

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