Friday, March 4, 2011

For Nanya - a part of my soul..

When life deals its traumatic blows,
I wish to be the armour around you.
When destiny shoots its piercing arrows,
I wish to hover like a cloud above you.
For every heartache that torments,
I wish to be the shield inside you.
For each sad thought that haunts,
I wish to be a smile that lightens you.
For all the stumbling blocks you encounter,
I wish to be the downy grass below you.
For all the doubts that make you falter,
I wish to be the beacon guiding you.
When faith seems to fall asunder,
I wish to be the belief that upholds you.
When  darkness seems to draw you under,
I wish to be the radiance that illuminates you.
But Dear Child, wishes are all I have to offer,
A friend and a mother is all I can be to you..


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