Monday, February 21, 2011

one last wish...

Before the lights go out
And the world stops hearing my music

One last song,
Lets sing the blues away….

Before the day dims out
And people stop believing in magic,
One last picture,
Lets paint the pain away…..
Before the night fades out
And the crowds stop swaying to rhythm
One last waltz,
Lets dance the loneliness away….
Before the wind blows out
And the storm settles to emptiness
One last swirl,
Lets sweep the heartache away…..
Before the clouds melt out
And the sky returns to its placid hue
One last flight,
Lets soar to our dreams, the eagles way…
Before time runs out
And there is nothing left of today
One last moment,
Lets wipe the bitterness away…
or let the lights be turned out,
Let the crowds melt away,
Lets put up our easel
And create some magic,
Dance to the rhythm of the storm,
Soar to paint pictures in the clouds,
Let time be a bystander
All I have is today….

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