Tuesday, August 4, 2009

journey's end...

The Weary traveler turned to his guide and said, “You have been with me every step of the way; through all the labyrinthine mazes that that I got lost in, you have brought me on my path again . In the darkest hours of my journey, you have been like a beacon beckoning me onwards and every time my steps faltered and I was on the verge of abandoning my quest you have held my hand and supported me till I found my bearings again…But now I can go on no longer, for I am tired and weary beyond retrieval. I am fatigued by this search for an evanescent place and time when in reality with every step I take the mirage grows distant evermore. And for what purpose must this search continue, when at the end of all our journeys, there lies but one destination. We will all find our resting place in the arms of death. So I wish to cease my relentless struggle now. I want to rest my tired feet and my tortured soul and be in the here and now. I want to be one with all of nature’s elements. I want to feel the soft welcoming ground enveloping me in its warmth, that I may find rest. I want to feel the breeze blow away the sweat of my toils so that I may be refreshed again. I want to feel the glow of the sun which may wipe out the darkness from my soul…I know I may have let you down for you have been a true mentor and guide, helping and showing me the right path but I do not have the will to go on anymore, I surrender. And so I seek your forgiveness for abandoning my quest before the destination.
The guide took the traveler’s hands in his own and said, “It is true that I have been with you in your search for your destination but did I ever tell you where it lay? This, here and now, your realization that this entire struggle was in vain; this is your destination. It was my Endeavour to guide you till you reached this point. I sought to give you the mental fortitude and the physical strength that you would be able to recognize this moment. I will now take leave of you for you need guidance no more. Yu have found your destiny. For each person life is but a series of motions leading to stillness, all that we seek lies within us and all other pursuits are but chasing mirages. And yet how many of us are able to reach the crossroad where we are able to see that life is but an inward journey. You are blessed because you have found your place in the sun and peace shall be yours evermore”

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