Tuesday, March 3, 2009

cherishing my aloneness...

Today i want to step aside,

I want to stand on the banks of this flow and be able to see

how far does this go, where lies its destiny..

every traveller, however, persistent

must have one such moment

when there is a thought as to the intent..

Today i want to meet life

in an empty room, sans pretense

draw the curtains,

with their myriad motifs and designs

and talk to my heart's content..

Today i want to share my aloneness

dust every nook and corner

unlock every nut and bolt

let the sunlight into my soul

and let all emotion be spent...


nishoo said...

hmmmmmm, a very strange case, its good to pour your heart on a computer keyboard, but its strange for me that even after so many days you dont have any follower?????? ok i am in now.u can mail me. & share your thoughts for life. but its not a boundation for you, write it if only you like to? byeeee.

nupur said...

is it so strange that there are people who write not for the sake of the ripples they create or the followers they gather but solely because they want to? You apparently seek this as a fad but for me it is a source of sustenance for my soul..if you can understand what i mean..