Thursday, January 28, 2016

You and me...not We

There is nothing that ties me to you and I would have it no other way. I am not one to be bound, for then my heartstrings would be easily tugged by another and what would happen then to the music that plays so freely within me. You cannot be the reason for that music because reasons have a way of fading away but yes, you can come share the rhythm of my pulses.

I do not hold my breath to hear your voice or read your words each day. The meaning of my days rests in no other but me and I am at peace with the silence that I find beyond the meaningless prattle of the world around me. You can, if you so desire, be a part of that silence.

Thoughts, feelings, emotions..these are all evanescent and yet we seek to capture and store them, why hold so much stock against something that is so fleeting as a thought or a feeling or even an emotion, Time takes it all away but what remains is the essence in the form of the soul that is mine. I cannot put that on display but you can come discover it with me.

I have no tolerance for vows and promises because I have learnt that they are just empty words held out as bribes to trap a soul and so I offer you none. I will be whatever I choose to be at any moment of time and be with whoever helps me on my journey to peace, I will offer no explanations for my actions. You can decide if you want to walk along my path or take a turn on to another.

I will care and yet always I will walk free..

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