Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In another lifetime, maybe..

I'm not my body, this cognizable entity
I'm not my face, that the world or you may see, 
I'm not this form that walks illusory reality
I'm not my mind or thoughts which you perceive as the essence of me

But yes, I'm the silence that holds all of eternity
And the feelings which emerge from what you see as empty
I'm the words that erupt from my on-going journey
and the emotions that singe my soul with their intensity

And should you aspire to capture this real me
you will have to break your world of make-believe
shatter all your beliefs, break every boundary 
only then can our spirits dance together in harmony

But I see the chains that tie you so inexorably
And I know in this lifetime, it will not be
Every soul must make take its own path to the final discovery
And one day you will know that love is nothing if not truly free..

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