Monday, March 16, 2015

Love, Destiny and Effort..

Of  all the clichés about love, the one that I find most abhorrent is “Love happens”.. It brings to mind various metaphors like an illness or an accident or  disaster that happens and yet people say it all the time. Perhaps,  they say it because it is true, that Love mostly catches one unaware and unprepared.

But the opposite could also be true and I believe that is the reason for all the angst and heartbreak associated with love. We suffer from a sense of being outcast or misplaced right from the time that we are taken out from the womb of the mother and the umbilical cord is cut. And it is in some measure the safety of that tie that we yearn for, knowing that there is another in this world who will nurture and care for all our needs. So most human beings are essentially seeking to find a love that makes them feel as if they belong and completes them.

In this quest, we often, mistakenly cast people into the role of  a lover. So strong, at times, is the feeling of loneliness and a desire to know that elusive emotion called ‘Love’ that we simply delude ourselves into its existence in the form of a person who may or may not qualify or be worthy of it. For True love is like a spontaneous combustion, it is a spark that ignites of its own volition on recognizing one’s other half and it is a self sustaining fire. As Rumi said ‘Love is like a fire burning in the soul of the lover’ and that fire, once lit, does not die. Shams may have passed on but he lived eternally in Rumi’s heart and does so even today in all of his poetry on love.

But does that mean that if love is a walk-in customer, it need not be gratified, that it will continue to be with us even if we do not exert ourselves in any measure to make it stay? This is where heartbreak and betrayal enter. For if there is no effort, love cannot be chained, it has freedom at its very root and will take flight like the summer breeze…Even the most undying love needs reciprocation, two souls can dance together only if they hear a common music and for that one needs to be a creator as much as a participant.

Love happens…But it lasts only if one is willing to pour one’s soul into it and erase the narrow confines of boundaries, whether they be of the mind or those laid down by society or even one’s own life…Love is like the water of life and one must learn to be the flow, only then will the fire in two hearts, that beat to the same symphony of Love, be a blaze that will meld their souls into one, beyond space and lifetimes…

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