Sunday, April 18, 2010

a time to fly..

In the last few days my life has suddenly assumed a new aura, a warm glow that fills my heart with peace even at the most turbulent times. This blog then, is symbolic of the new pattern that emerges. My child, who has achieved what she has been striving for, for the past two years, is responsible for the glow that envelops me. While I was taking her through the preparations for her interview, there was a moment of insight for me as well. Her spontaneous answer to the question, “who is your role model and why” was," my mother, because she has taught me that one must live by one’s convictions and have the courage and belief to know that you will reach your destination in life, wherever it may be, if you can stand up for what you believe in and never lose faith”… A mouthful of words in a voluble gush (just like the wordsy person she is) but it set me thinking. I should have felt pride but the only feeling that I had was of an intense desire to shield her and hold her in my arms, for a moment I even thought that I should tell her to reconsider her response but it was so straight from her heart that I couldn’t. But I wish I could tell her that its not an easy path to tread..there is a lot of loneliness and at times heartbreak too. And one has to constantly draw from one’s soul to find the courage to walk alone, if there is no fellow traveller, it can be emotionally draining and there are times when you wish you could take the easy way out. However, I do know this – if my child has chosen to walk a certain path she will emerge a winner because even at this young age she has the courage to dream (and im an eternal dreamer too) and the fortitude to make those dreams a reality. She is ready to test her wings and a silent prayer (which is always in my heart for her) will be the wind beneath her wings and she will fly, free and spirited. If I could be even a small part of her flight to happiness, I feel blessed, not proud…

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