Sunday, April 25, 2010

the script..

I was talking to someone recently who plans to write screenplays/scripts for hollywood. He gave me some interesting information; that in any good Hollywood movie the twist in the plot, so to say, happens at around the 27th minute. He said  it wont happen at the 17th minute or after the the 30th and you can actually time it to happen around the 27th minute. He also said that every story has a beginning and a climax at the end, its the middle which lags and people who are learning how to write professionally are really trained to handle that middle.

This set me thinking.. isn't that somewhat true of most of our lives too. We have a beginning and the 'twist in the tail' which sets the pattern for the future narration happens around the 27th year, give or take some and then we have the ending, as pre-ordained, settling down into the susnset years and then fading away into another life or land, maybe...the sequel waiting to be written. Its 'the middle which lags' that holds true for the story of our lives that rings out clearly; hence the term 'mid-life crisis'.

Most people who live truly happy (aka successful by my definition) lives are the ones who have trained themselves to handle the middle well. Sadly though, there is no school for training us in this, life itself being the classroom. And if one can learn to handle the 'fall years' with grace and enthusiasm, it will be a story well lived, one which can be narrated or remembered posthumously, with a sense of joy and nostalgia..with a desire to be part of the sequel too.

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