Saturday, February 18, 2012

Let me be...

Like a boat without its oars
like an old eagle that no longer soars
like the frost bitten droopy yester flower
like an elf devoid of magical power
like the wintry sun without its warm glow
like the still winds that no longer blow
like a storm without its thunder
like a warrior forced to surrender
like the dark clouds that bring no rain
like the grass bereft impotent plain
like ashen embers of a dying fire
like  a church without a glistening spire
like an effete tree minus its verdant plume
like a jester on stage scant of costume
like a rainbow destitute of colour
like a bride with a widow's pallor
like an estate barren of resident
like an orator silent and reticent
like a thoroughbred ever restrained
like a wine goblet never drained
your absence a void inside of me
be with me and let me be...


Its a wonderful life said...

How sweet.. missing your daughter or is it your parents...

nupur said...

my husband n daughter both..