Sunday, November 6, 2011


F-1 has been the flavour of the season in the Indian Subcontinent this year. Everyone who is or seeks to be someone was out there, looking for a piece of the action. I can understand the presence of celebrities; it provides them with a huge canvas to market their product i.e. themselves. Then there are the car lovers who, with all their passion for the machines, would just be as happy to gape at them sans the race or the smell of burning rubber or the sound of screeching tyres. But what of the common lot, clueless about the make of the car or the driver within, the nuances of the race and the history thereof? Was it just the adrenalin rush that drove them in hordes to the track, to cough up whatever their pockets could and maybe not even get a glimpse up close of the race or the racers?

As I see it, arent we at a micro level doing exactly that in our lives; racing around tracks all our lives. Maybe it is the identification to this subconscious admittance that drives us to the races. The difference of course lies in the fact that, in a car race as this, we can be observers and derive our thrills from the dangers , the twists and turns being undertaken by others. Wouldnt it , however, be equally exciting if we could learn to do that in the race of life that most of us are a part of? The perils and risks then wouldn't threaten us so and we would be free to just watch from  a detached vantage point and laud at the finishing line instead of dreading it or ruing the outcome. This race would then have no losers at all...

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