Thursday, June 17, 2010

the karma chameleon

'The travails of life are a part of the travel of life' has been my credo and therefore, I have always believed in putting my best foot forward and moving on from the here and now, without wasting my thought on the how and why of untoward incidents.

And yet there are times when one is overwhelmed, by the regularity of mishaps and there comes to the mind the question about the relevance of ‘Karma’. If all events in life are a function of ones actions, past or present, one’s karma, as they say, then why is it that the conscious mind does not register such a plethora of negative actions which might be the cause of the spate of bad luck.

We can, perhaps, then extend the karma to stretch to previous lifetimes, the cycle of life and death, which may be resulting in the ill fortune that strikes one. If it is the endeavour of the evolved soul to terminate this cycle in this lifetime, through the medium of one’s actions, then it also transpires that this fact would register somewhere in the so called eternal ledger of actions and their outcomes.

This could be the reason that one suddenly feels that there is an overflow of bad luck – because it has been registered in the Cosmos, that in the case of this individual, it is time for the vicious Circle to come to a stop and the good deeds notwithstanding, the karma of all bad deeds, past or present, therefore, has to be borne out in this one lifetime.

The night then seems darkest because sunrise is  a little way away, on the other side of the horizon. Or maybe this is the wishful thinking of an eternal optimist….

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Shardul said...

i do wonder at times, how is it that all the not so good deeds' credits in the ledger are the ones that are remembered. What about the debits of the better things that one has done!